A personal message from Marc and Cindy Carrier

The Carriers

First and foremost, we are devoted followers of Christ, striving each day to live for God’s Kingdom and His glory. It is our desire to equip and encourage others to do the same.

Because we are the homeschooling parents of eleven children (nine still at home), Values-Driven reflects our passion to live out Kingdom principles in the home so that our children will embrace a relationship with Christ and live to please the Lord.

Marc is a degreed scientist who spent many years flourishing as an environmental services field staff, then project manager. However, his passion is the Kingdom, and his giftings and past experiences are now being utilized for God’s glory on the mission field in East Africa, particularly in Kingdom expansion and leadership training endeavors. Marc is also a house church planter and leader, and is active at making disciples in our village community.

Marc is the founder of Kingdom-Driven Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization that is devoted to Kingdom expansion in Eastern Kenya and beyond. Be sure to visit us there! We re-located to the mission field in Kenya with our family in February 2012. You can follow our journey on the Values-Driven blog.

Cindy is degreed in Elementary Education; educating children—not just academically, but for the Kingdom and for life preparation—is her passion. She is a homeschool mom and committed disciple-maker. She also serves in the ministry and manages the family business.

The Carrier Family. September 2020

Since being in Kenya, Marc has written several books: Pioneering the Kingdom, Christianity Unleashed, Christianity Advanced, and Christianity United. Because the focus of this Web site is family, they are not yet listed for purchase here; however, you can download FREE ebook copies at LivetheBible.info. You can purchase print copies at ChristianityUnleashed.net or on Amazon. Marc also has many video teachings available on LivetheBible.info, on subjects including “Being Filled with the Spirit,” the Gospel of the Kingdom, Healing, Deliverance, and more.