Emotional Wellness Audio Set

by Cynthia Carrier


Many Christian women struggle with negative emotions; it could be occasionally or it might be long-term. Either way, they’re just as likely not to talk about it. All too often, when they confess their feelings to others, they’re told they “don’t have enough faith” or “aren’t reading their Bible enough.” It’s like having an elephant in the room–the problem is more than obvious but nobody’s quite sure how to deal with it.

Whether you’re just feeling overwhelmed and need some encouragement, or dealing with post-partum blues or bona fide depression, dig into this set of 4 MP3 audios to find out how you can cooperate with God to experience victory over negative emotions.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The UP-side of Feeling Down
    Be encouraged about the good that God is working in your life as you walk through the valleys!
  • Defeating Depression
    This talk explores the Scriptures as they address the role of our emotions and encourages women to cooperate with God, in things both practical and spiritual, to experience victory.
  • Muddling through Motherhood
    Self-examination is crucial during times when you feel overwhelmed with life’s demands. Find some practical ways to work your way out if you’re “stuck in a rut.”
  • Home Sweet Home: Creating a Joyful Home Atmosphere
    In this talk, Cindy Carrier exposes some of the reasons why our home atmosphere can suffer, and what we as wives and mothers can do about it.

Each audio MP3 is approximately one hour. Also included is a BONUS .PDF with supplements for several of the talks: Bible study suggestions, checklists, a personal journal, and more.


Read a transcribed excerpt from
Defeating Depression: Cooperating with God to Experience Victory over Negative Emotions

Emotional Wellness Audio Set

4 downloadable MP3 files and one .PDF