Handmade, Modest Clothing

As a Christian family that desires to honor God in everything, we carefully consider our choice of clothing and look for things that are modest (for both boys and girls). Over the years, this has been a challenge. Often we have bought thrift-store items and “edited” them (as the girls got in the habit of saying): lengthening hems with a solid fabric ruffle, taking in too-big but otherwise serviceable items, or adding material behind a “plunged” neck line to create a crew neck.

Once my older daughter, Deborah, began to sew, she began making handmade dresses, skirts, and jumpers for herself and our other girls. Her favorite thing to do was to make matching outfits that used the same or similar fabrics and slightly different design variations. I was amazed when, just this year (2022) she made gorgeous bridesmaid’s dresses for four of the girls for our son’s wedding!

Deborah turned 18 in 2022, and she has begun selling modest, handmade skirts, dresses, and jumpers for ladies and girls. You can contact Deborah to ask about a custom order:

custom modest clothing