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Welcome to the Values-Driven Reading Room, an online place where you can get comfortable and browse around for books, excerpts, and articles of interest to you. We hope you will be blessed by your time here.


Free books to read online (Visit here to get a free .PDF/ebook version):

The Gospel According to Jesus

Keys to Kingdom Expansion

“We Still Sin, Right?”



Creating a Joyful Home Atmosphere: Cleansing your Heart and Home 

Team Building: Eliminating Arguments and Anger

Improving the Mood: Dealing with Irritability and Frustration

Family Devotional Times

Homeschooling with Little Ones: What about Academics? 

Defeating Depression: Cooperating with God to Experience Victory Over Negative Emotions 

Simplified Biblical Instruction and Character Training for your Young Children 

Home Management Nuts and Bolts: Budgets and Schedules


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 Homeschool Library Essentials: Tips from our Trenches





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