Parenting & Family Audio Set

by Marc and Cynthia Carrier

This set of 8 parenting and family audios is sure to encourage and equip you as you live for God’s glory!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Home Sweet Home: Creating a Joyful Home Atmosphere
    In this one-hour session, Cindy exposes some of the reasons why our home atmosphere can suffer, and what we as wives and mothers can do about it. This talk will challenge and inspire you to build a God-honoring home atmosphere.
  • Family Leadership 101
    Drawing from his many years of experience as a project manager, Marc offers some from-the-trenches, simple and practical tips for other Dads who want to become more effective and productive in the home. As we strive to meet this goal, we are equipped to fulfill our primary goal of glorifying God and expanding His Kingdom.
  • Fathers and Faith: Dads Hold the Key to Multi-generational Faithfulness
    Dads play a key role in influencing their children toward a lifestyle of faith in Christ.
    While mothers are the primary nurturers, to be sure, a father should not neglect his vital role in family leadership, relationship-building, and (most importantly) spiritual nurture.
    This talk will encourage and equip you to fulfill the role that only you can fill in your home.
  •  Family Visioning: Proactive Planning to Achieve the Desired Results
    Every mission starts with a vision and requires both planning and perseverance toward the goal. Parenting, particularly while homeschooling, is no different. Marc offers some practical pointers on how to get from vision to fruition and stay the course.
  • More is Caught than Taught: The Importance of Authenticity
    From the Word and from the heart, this talk emphasizes the value of character training and the importance of modeling a Christ-centered life–because more is caught than taught!
    Marc inspires parents to practically apply the Word of God in their lives, emphasizing the value of humility in the discipleship process.
  • Simplified Biblical Instruction and Character Training for your Young Children
    Cindy shares the solidly biblical and values-based training methods and systems that the Carriers have successfully implemented in their home. It simplifies Biblical instruction in a way that even the youngest of children can understand, with the goal of growth in Christlike character.
  • The Softer Side of Child Training
    While things like obedience and character are goals for our children, the foundation for success in these areas is loving relationships with one another and with God. In this session, we’ll explore how to keep our children’s hearts with us and with the Lord, as we implement some workable (and even enjoyable) child-training strategies.
  • Evangelism as a Family
    Marc offers practical tips and encouragement on Kingdom living and sharing the Gospel.

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Simplified Biblical Instruction and Character Training for your Young Children


Parenting & Family audio set

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