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The Values-Driven Homeschool Library is published by Marc and Cindy Carrier and Values-Driven Publishing.

As homeschooling parents of eight children, we are always looking for resources that are

 • Wholesome •
•  Character-Building •
•  Academically Excellent •
•  Affordable •

With more and more modern books departing from the values-based teachings of yesteryear, we have utilized many vintage books in our homeschool.

We have visited sites like and greatly benefited from various FREE public domain texts for our homeschooling. Maybe you have done the same–and maybe you’ve experienced some of the same frustrations:

  • You save files to your computer disk and they quickly become disorganized and fall out of use, no matter how good they are.
  • Reading on the computer is tedious at best, eye-straining at worst. Not only that, computer time is at a premium in your house, so it’s impossible for multiple family members to access files on demand.
  • Formatting these works for print is time-consuming; sometimes the formatting can’t be changed and you use more paper than you need to in printing.
  • You put the pages in portfolios or binders so you can have a reference on your shelf, but they easily rip out or become damaged.

So maybe you’re like us, and prefer a paperback reference for your homeschool library. Yet for many of these works (though they are freely available in the public domain), you pay a premium to purchase a copy, if one is available at all.

Our goal is to equip homeschooling families for success and help them to maximize their time and financial resources by offering these quality resources in economical paperback editions.

We offer single-book rates and competitively priced “bundles”–perfect for building up your homeschool library with books that inspire, inform, and encourage.

We strive to offer only books that will truly benefit your homeschool library: volumes you will repeatedly turn to for valuable reference, use consistently for academic instruction, or enjoy time and again as character-building resources.

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Currently available:

Early Elementary Science Collection
A delightful anthology of four “living books,” perfect for the Charlotte Mason or classical homeschool, this volume will inspire you to learn about the natural world around you.
Price: $14.00

Music Education Bundle
This set of three, classical-style stories for children introduce music theory and classical composers with a gentle and engaging style. Also available as single titles.
Price: $22.50

How-to-do-it Boys' Series (J.S. Zerbe)
A three-book discount bundle for every boy: Practical Mechanics, Carpentry, and Electricity. Practical and fully illustrated. Single titles also available.
Price: $19.50

Homemaking Two-Book Set
Two book discount set includes: Encyclopedia of Needlework and The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking. Titles also sold individually.
Price: $27.00

The Thornton W. Burgess Collection, Vol. 1
Fall in love all over again with these endearing animal adventure stories by Thornton W. Burgess. 5 stories in one volume!
Price: $10.00

The Thornton W. Burgess Collection, Vol. 2
Fall in love all over again with these endearing animal adventure stories by Thornton W. Burgess. 5 stories in one volume!
Price: $10.00

…with more coming soon. Be sure to visit us for future titles and economical paperback bundles!


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