Today I had to go to the bank and decided to stop at the park with the children. Their favorite equipment at our 70’s vintage town playground is the one we’ve officially dubbed “the death trap.” You probably know what I’m talking about:

As they spun themselves around again and again, I thought about how time has seemed be moving justthatfast lately. Having a new baby, gardening and freezing and canning, then starting up school again, and of course preparing to move to Kenya in February, it seems as if the kaleidoscope of time has been going non-stop.

So today I paused.

I mused out loud to the children,

“Do you realize that Enoch and Jubilee [who are 4 months and two years old, respectively] will probably never know–or remember–a Fall day like this one?” Kenya, at the equator, is remarkably constant: an average of 80-something degrees all year with sunrise at 6:30 AM and sunset at about 6:30 PM every day, seasons only marked by wetness or dryness, long rains and short rains…

Snow will be a foreign concept to them, known only from pictures and the rest of the family’s reminisces.

They won’t remember appliances like dishwashers and washing machines and dryers.

And a playground…?

We’re moving toward good things, but there’s a lot we’re leaving behind. I will miss being able to hop in the van and go to the park to enjoy a beautiful Fall day, listening to my children laugh and enjoy each other and God’s creation.

I’m thanking God for giving me {pause} today…

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3 thoughts on “{Pause}

  1. What a beautifully eloquent reflection, Cindy. It’s not always easy to stop and be grateful like that. We all need to do that more. I am going to miss you all! I am so thankful for you. However, I am also thankful I am not leaving my dishwasher and washing machine and dryer. 🙂

    1. Wow, I didn’t know you really read our blog. 🙂 I am sooo thankful for YOU!!!! Miss you now, will always miss you….. xo

  2. I will not sit at a park without thinking of you and your precious family ever again. I will send up prayers of thanksgiving and blessings for your family everytime I’m there. Love too you all! Miss you already!

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