Check out these pics if you think your house is a mess…

Granted, our house has not always been neat-as-a-pin with eight active, homeschooling children constantly involved in projects and play of one kind or another (sometimes the daily AM and PM chore times don’t come fast enough for this mama!). Even so, as I’ve looked around our house the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that the chaos has reached new heights. We moved from our house to my father-in-law’s, while simultaneously sorting through our possessions to pack our shipping crate and backpacks/suitcases/bins for the trip to Africa in (gulp!) just a week and a half now. Here are some recent photos (which, for the record, show MUCH IMPROVEMENT over just days ago):

Boxes (and stuff) to be sorted in the living room
In the dining room: filling and labeling boxes to be packed in the shipping crate
Finally, some organization! Suitcases, bins, and backpacks in the master bedroom.
The baby is still having fun in the middle of it all!