Kids, Animals, and Bananas

Enoch and Slightly Unwilling Friend
Mama and Babies

We’ve officially hatched our first set of chicks–they are VERY cute, and we have another set due in just about 5 days. Enoch (who continues to be fascinated by all our critters, especially the bunnies because they are easy to catch) had great interest in the chicks at first. Then he met the pecking end of an unhappy Mama and decided to leave them alone (for the most part). Instead of actively chasing them, he has learned instead to follow Mama while her back is turned and try to do “Nice” (i.e., pet the chicks). But as soon as she catches on and turns around, he runs! Smart kid.

As of this weekend, we’ve also welcomed a new puppy to the family. Don’t know how old he is for sure, but he’s not little and not big. His name is Simba, and he looks like a cross between a German Shepherd and a Yellow Lab. He has integrated into our family surprisingly well. He was a little skittish his first day but now is learning to come when called and already barks when people come into the yard. Isaiah has taken charge of dog training and baked up some dog treats to use as rewards. Unfortunately, we had to make another batch in not too much time because everyone decided that they made really good snacks! (It’s not as gross as you might think. They’re just corn meal, wheat flour, beef broth, egg, and salt–a tasty cracker substitute.)

Spoiled "mzungu" dog. You'll never catch an African dog sleeping on a chair!
Can't wait to eat these!

We’re all excited also for our first harvest of bananas. There are two varieties here: sweet and starchy. The sweet bananas are what you’d expect (smaller than what you’d get in a US grocery–kind of like the ones they try to sell you for a higher price because they’re so small that they must be “gourmet” or something). The starchy bananas are eaten while still green  and they’re boiled and mashed or cut and fried. Of course we prefer the sweet variety but we have both in our back yard. It’s been interesting watching the baby bananas form–not what we expected. The flower is HUGE and the bananas literally unfold row by row and eventually the flower falls off.

And, totally unrelated to the “new developments” featured in this post, here’s a photo of Enoch “helping” Rebekah do laundry this morning.

Happy and Cute!

3 thoughts on “Kids, Animals, and Bananas

  1. Thank you for sharing these little pieces of daily life. I often wonder what the Carriers are doing. These posts help feed my imagination and appreciation for you all! God bless!

  2. Love it! I have always wanted a banana tree!! 🙂 I’m having trouble placing Enoch’s face. He just doesn’t look as much like the others! (at least in that picture!) Maybe its the lack of hair… I do love to watch little ones toddle after baby animals though. Been thinking about you a lot lately and pray you are doing well.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Cindy! I agree with Derek – really enjoy hearing what is happening in your daily lives. Your children look as cute as ever too!

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