Not Listening to the devil…

Those of you who know me, know that I have historically battled depression but have experienced victory through Christ in the past several years. I don’t believe that discouragement or depression are sin, but certainly they can lead us to sin. As well, when we take our focus off of God and put it on ourselves, that is self-love and self-glorification–which is an affront to God. Because of my history and my disposition, I am often “tempted” to give in to negative emotions and I have learned that I have to be vigilant to recognize the enemy’s schemes, and his subtle voice–the voice of a liar who comes to do nothing but steal and destroy. Emotions are an area of weakness for me and surely the enemy knows that.

I also am aware that times of transition are particularly good opportunities for the enemy to gain an advantage. Frankly, I don’t like change. At all. So when I have to deal with life change–especially multiple “changes”– I have to be on guard. The move to Africa has been no exception. Tiredness and sickness are also “triggers” that can precipitate episodes of discouragement or depression–and those, too, have been part of the experience here this past month. There have been many moments when I’ve had to cling to various Scriptures of hope and promise. I’ve made myself get up early every morning for time with the Lord, no matter how busy things have been and how tired I am as a result. I’ve let myself cry a couple of times but then, like a good soldier, I give myself a kick in the pants and get back up again. All I can say is, God has been incredibly faithful.

Something new in the emotional struggle is fear. I can’t say that I’ve faced the demon of fear very frequently in my life, so it has been a bit of a surprise–but I’m dealing with it the same way I’ve dealt with other negative emotions. I’m not letting the enemy have the victory! In the flesh, there are many things I could fear…but I’m choosing to focus on God, not on the lies of the enemy. And I’m trusting that if anything negative should happen, it will be for my good and God’s glory.

This week I have been meditating on 1 Peter 3:1-6, focusing on the latter part of verse 6: “you have become her [Sarah’s] children if you do what is right without being frightened by any fear. ” It is comforting to know that holy women of the past have felt fear, but have overcome that fear through righteousness.

God is good…all the time.



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5 thoughts on “Not Listening to the devil…

    1. Thanks so much! I think of you often…wondering how the adoption process is going and how you all are doing. Drop me an email when you have a chance, please? 🙂

  1. I have battled anxiety and depression all my life, too.
    I am so glad that you did not say that is a “sin” as many in Christian circles tend to say, which adds extra burdens for those of us who are more pre-disposed to anxiety.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. I’m going to print this one out!

  2. Amen dear sister. Our enemy is so subtle that we, as you have said, must be on guard at all times to his schemes.
    One bout of depression I had I remember saying in a Bible study that I know God’s word say resist the devil and he will flee, but it doesn’t feel like he is fleeing.(people chuckled and said I know..) I wish someone had responded by reminding me (in love of course) that truth does not depend on how I feel, and that was a trap of the devil too. Just like Eve in the Garden, doubting God’s word (even on a subtle level) leads to sin if not recognized and repeated of. The shield of Faith will extinguish ALL the fiery darts of the evil one, not just some of the darts.

    I am inspired by your fortitude in the fight against the dark spiritual powers of the evil one. Keep up the good fight Cindy.

    I stand with you dear sister in prayer on this matter. In the name of our King Jesus may you overcome by the power of His blood, that your testimony may be seen and heard among the people.

    1. Great reminder, Wanda!
      We as women tend to “live in our feelings”.
      If the Lord has said the Enemy will flee, then he will flee! We make that our confession especially if we don’t feel it!
      This just made my whole day and gave me a new lease on hope.

      Thank you!

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