Encouraging words

I would say that I come off as more critical than encouraging (others may disagree, but I know my heart). Cindy is like that too. Comes mainly from the feedback and environment we had as children. As a result, we have to be proactive in encouraging our children, and each other. I for one am a man of few (encouraging) words. Cindy knows she is loved and appreciated, but not told or shown nearly as much as she should be, I suppose. Likewise, it doesn’t trickle down as much as it should.

One awesome trend I see is that when we get encouragement from all of YOU, our readers, we, in turn, keep it going. Sometimes it comes the other way around–when we are more proactive, we get a lot of encouragement from those the Lord is ministering to through our ministry.

I certainly want to encourage all of you to proactively encourage those around you. It is amazing how much impact a few kind words, a brief phone call, or a quick note can have on an individual, and as a result, all the people in their sphere of influence. Here are a few words of encouragement we have received from out there in cyberspace.

Here are some notes from our readers (all from 2008)–numerous thank yous and God bless yous also. We get thousands of visitors and really appreciate every single encouraging comment. Although we serve an audience of ONE, it’s really nice to hear that the resources are having an impact. Thank YOU from all of us at Values-Driven!

I recently ordered The Growing Homeschool and have been enjoying reading it. I look forward to hearing more from you guys that will encourage and lift me up in this journey.

I already receive your newsletter, it’s great. I hope to in the near future get a couple of your books. Keep up the great work that you do!

Thank you so much for all you do to touch families.

Thank you for providing values/character building information! I appreciate it.

Thanks for all you do! These freebies are a very generous bonus. Have a safe and fun Presidents’ Day weekend!

I really appreciate your newsletter. It is uplifting and informational.

God bless! I have been sharing your site and books with all who will listen!

Thank you for all you do. Your newest book is very insightful and full of very helpful information. Blessings

I love your e-newsletter and Values Driven book. Thank you for sharing your life experiences to help others

Thank you so much for these freebies and your regular newsletters! I am also looking forward to your blogathon – it sounds great!!!

Thank you so much for the Biblical information that helps my family grow spiritually together.

I enjoy your newsletter very much. Thank you.

Love your books! Had been looking for a book to help raise kids with God’s ideals. Your book VDF was just what I wanted(needed). I have also now got your VDD book. I love them both. Thank you for helping other families use God’s word for what it was given to us for. God is Great! May you continue to be blessed.

Thanks for the great job you do. I am looking forward to using your site.

I am looking forward to your newsletter.

thank you and God bless you!

Thank you for your commitment to the family and sharing your gifts with others to benefit from. You are truely a blessing!

I got your book for Christmas and have enjoyed reading it every minute I get.

thank you for the neat items for our use

Thank you for these wonderful resources. I only wish I could afford to buy the others you offer.

Thanks for your encouraging ideas!

am reading the book. thank you so much, it is going to help soooo much.

I downloaded some of your freebies yesterday, and forgot to subscribe to the newsletter. I have heard wonderful things about your books, and as soon as I am financially able I want to order them. I will have to just go with the newsletter at this time, because we just found out that between my meds for my MS and my daughter’s meds for her autism pretty much swallows any extra cash we may of been able to squeeze for this. I am in the process of trying to start to come up with something for my 5 little blessings, and hope that I can get your resources soon. Especially the character building one.

I received the budget worksheet (Values Driven Budget Worksheet 1.0.3) via a TOS “Freebie Friday” deal. A nice little package, indeed.

Thank you and God bless.

I look forward to receiving all these valuable materials–they are very worthwhile and enjoy passing them on!

Great site! Thanks for your hard work in this important area–it’s a great blessing to us!

Thank you so much for everything you do. You are a blessing to me and my family.

A dear homeschool friend said she found VDF and was order some material. She apparently thought your ministry was great and passed it on to me. So far, I really like it too! I’m looking forward to receiving the free downloads. I’ll be passing info about your website to a couple of homeschool groups that I am a part of. Hope your enjoying the new year! It’s a year of new beginnings! God bless

thanks for your efforts to build our families

Love your items, thanks for making them so accessible.

THANK YOU!!!! Your site is the only one that has the kind of downloads and resourses I’ve been looking for!

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