Taking inventory with your eternal security

I stumbled upon this video on facebook and it really got me thinking. It made me think about how secure I should be about my salvation. It made me consider that my life should reflect Jesus’ character moment by moment. It made me repent for all the false hope I had planted in folks throughout the years through “easy-believism” evangelism methods. Most of all, it made me consider the multitudes of friends and family I have that have misplaced security in their salvation.

It also made me consider my complacency with sharing the truth. I know that hell awaits many of them–yet as the video states, we have a culture that disdains correction. We have a Christian culture that relishes their eternal security when the evidence of faith is lacking. Hell is real, and destruction awaits many unassuming “believers.” They believe with their mouths but deny Him with their lives.

All church-goers are convinced they are going to heaven. Their complicit pastors and other Christian leaders have told them so. Reminds me of the movie Shawshank redemption where everyone is “innocent.” Every inmate held steadfast to their innocence regardless of their guilt.

All cultural “Christians” are convinced they have in their hands the “ticket” that will get them through the gate (the “magic prayer”). However, there will be tremendous remorse when they stand in judgment and realize that the ticket they possess is not accepted.

Scripture tells us to examine ourselves. Please watch this video (in 2 parts) and listen to what it says. It is the truth. Repent and align your life with the Word.

Here is a short video in 2 parts:

Here is a longer video by Paul Washer for those who have time. It’s important enough to “make” the time.

4 thoughts on “Taking inventory with your eternal security

  1. Is there any other way I could the information in these videos. I have dial and its just too slow for video. I am very curious as to what they say.

  2. You could just visit a public library to watch these videos. I used to use the library all the time because I didn't even have a computer and they will give you headsets for the computer 🙂 This truly is an annointed message that Christ wants His church to hear. I praise God for showing my husband and I this message.

  3. I was able to watch most of it but then my connection messed up. I think the main jist was directed at the "fire" insurance type of cultural "Christian" but just in case it's not… here are my two cents.

    I am a Grace based Christian. I used to think the people that claimed the Grace thing just wanted an excuse to be worldly and liberal. I suppose some people do use the concept of being under Grace like that. But Grace is not an excuse to sin.(Romans 6:1-4) It is freedom from the Old Testament Law and freedom from having to follow a bunch of rules trying to receive God's favor. It is not willfully sinning but freedom from trying to beg love and curry favor from God by being perfect.
    I am not good enough. I can never be good enough. I don’t need to be good enough anymore. I cannot achieve perfection on this earth. I would have to live absolutely removed from all humanity and worldly influence in order to be righteous enough…. But then I would have my own self to contend with. I am a descendant of Adam. I do not need to be perfect, I have Jesus. It is just like when my children get lazy or disobey. I may not be happy about it but I do not remove my affection or my protection from them or kick them out of the house. My interpretation of modesty, how often I read my bible, or how I do homeschool has no bearing in my standing before God. The Blood has covered me. God sees me under the Blood. I am free. I just take God at His word and let Him figure out the details as I go along. He will lead me where I need to go.
    There is still going to be someone not quite understanding what I am trying to say. "But what about all that Christian life, Holy living stuff?" Here is where it gets hard to explain and where the temptation for rules really strikes. "Just give me a list so I know what to do!" Its all between you and God now. There are life choices that will be the same for every true believer and some things that are special callings. Feel led to be dresses only? That's how God wants you to follow being modest. I know some fine older women who only wear dresses on Sunday and they are just as modest as can be during the week. God's path for them. Its all about being connected to God and hearing His voice, not what Christian(or homeschool) culture says is right. Church every time there is a service or a unique casual fellowship? God's call, not Christian tradition. "Assemble together" not American style church. A lot of what passes for Holy living these days is merely tradition that anyone can follow, saved or not. I was lost by played by the goody rules until last year. Nobody could see that I was truly lost, played the part real well.
    Don't know what to do? Read YOUR bible, pray and follow God's leading. Remember you are not of "Apollo or Paul" but of Christ.

  4. Thanks, Lindsay, for your helpful suggestion to use the library computer to view the videos!

    And, thanks "silverlady" for your comments. Yes, the videos are intended for those who call themselves Christians but do not walk the "narrow path" described in Scripture. I agree that grace is not license to sin. Also agree that none of us will be "perfect" in this life. However, I do believe that we have an obligation to strive toward perfection on a consistent basis. It's His grace that enables us to do this. Let's not forget the price He paid for our freedom. (I'm implying you do–I'm just saying, in general…).

    I totally agree with you that "rules" sometimes get in the way of true righteousness.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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